2011 part deux, the part that’s actually about anime

Afternote placed at the beginning: The title says 2011 because I wrote part of it as part of the previous post. Of course it turned out to be a 2010 post.

Oh right, I finished Amagami SS. T’was an okay series. I love the unpretentiousness with which they reset time and focus. I hope to see this format applied to future series. I think, with all my heart and mind, that Clannad would’ve been an amazing series had they taken that approach. I think it’s a rather shitty series now. I didn’t even bother with After Story because I don’t care about Nagisa, I just read the visual novels. There are small exceptions. The OVAs, those were good. And those could’ve been and should’ve been longer. Another exception is the crying at the tennis court. That’s about it.

I’m full of grudge against the Clannad anime.

Actually, during the time Clannad aired, I sat on Kyoani for not taking that Amagami approach (called it 3 years beforehand, feels pretty swell, lad) and for being uncreative uninventive chickens. Whereafter Endless Eight came around about a year later and now we have Disappearance. And I love both of those for their creativity and daringness. Boy am I confused now.

Kyoani also did the Munto remake, with the redonkulously long title, even longer and more meticulous than this blog’s trademark. That didn’t help my confusion. I still don’t know what to think about it. I don’t really know what they’re aiming for. Oh well, cool character designs.

Well you know what, I might as well start thinking about other series that I finished in 2010. I’m just going down my MAL list, without it I wouldn’t even remember all of these.

Katanagatari, of which I still can’t type about. The fact that I can’t type about it is about the only thing I can type about it. That, and that it is a good series.

Nanoha, the movie. It’s eye candy, for sure. They gave Precia a character, for sure. But I think it was rather poorly executed. It’s a remake of a TV series and it shows; the format is broken. It’s probably best watched in parts, which is what I ended up doing anyway. I think this particular trope would fit well with the Nanoha series, regarding the characterization for Precia. They did it for Linith and a lot of other things. They did it for Precia but it was the exact same thing as in the movie. So just leave it out, really.

Wow. I can’t believe that Railgun ended in March. It feels like only yesterday. That series was plagued by many faults but I hold it dear to me. Mostly because it shines in comparison to the boring Index. I’m watching Index II in semi-marathons. That means waiting 6 episodes and then watching them in one go. It makes it a lot more endurable to me.

Well, I’m talking about Index anyway so I might as well talk about failed potential. In the case of Index, I thought it had amazing potential. So the setup is rather flimsy but that’s okay because it’s awesome. Crossing science with magic? That sounds like my kind of fantasy. Unfortunately the series is plagued with bad scripts, bad clichés and general otakuisms. And this becomes apparent, as Numbers and Space recalls from his flimsy memory, after the moment Touma loses his memory. I thought that this was a great part on the writer’s event. But the series loses focus from there on. To exemplify, it took them one and a half seasons for Index and Biribiri to meet up for only the second time. The crossing of magic and science isn’t happening and if it will happen, it will happen too late. So shame on you, writer.

Next in the list is Asobi ni iku yo!, which went for the harem ending. And a harem ending is the best ending. It’s a decently funny show with decent animation. It’s not very pretentious and it’s not trying to be overly serious. I mean, who can take an evil alien from the planet Dogisia with Muttley as her sidekick seriously? Adversely, the spaceman song was remarkably melancholic and it genuinely felt that way. They also threw in some moments that I appreciate, such as Manami and Aoi confronting each other (in a gunfight with anti-material bullets but that’s besides the point). So yeah, the more I think about it, the more I appreciate this series. And it went for the harem ending, which is the best kind of ending.

Eve no Jikan finally solidified in the form of its movie. This felt strangely more attached than the Nanoha movie, even though this is in the more literal sense some episodes glued together. Maybe that’s because the level of quality didn’t vary as much. I thought it was good, but that’s all I really have to say. I don’t think I can get a lot out of this movie, since it’s fairly straightforward. Let me emphasize that, I don’t think I can get a lot out of this movie, but maybe other people can get a lot out of it that isn’t so straightforward. I hope to hear of these people any day now.

Another movie, Bungaku Shoujo. I adore this series, its singular translated light novel and its manga. So naturally I was interested in this the moment I heard about it. The movie turned out to be acceptable. I didn’t like the character designs, the ending felt too much over the top. For the rest, everything was in that classy literature style. But I don’t think we have the producing company to thank for that. I was more interested in the story and it’s what I got.

Small stab to Yen Press, who shut down the translation at the Baka-Tsuki. Understandable, but I don’t have a store nearby that imports light novels (only manga). There’re web stores, but I don’t have a credit card. Just because America licenses something, the rest of the world gets the shaft. Shame on you, you self-indulgent Americans.

Next up is… Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid Episode 000. Ehm… okay? Well I did say series that I finished in 2010 and not series that ended in it. I watched this because I heard someone talking about it and the fanboy in me went crazy when I realized I missed out on this. Even though it’s just a 5 minute preview of TSR. FMP TSR ranks among my top 10 and possibly my top 5 anime of all time. This is just Kyoani trying to confuse me even more.

Occult Academy has a questionable but confident ending. I cannot get myself to dislike it. It’ll probably fade from my memory in just a couple of months. Good effort on Anime no Chikara’s part, but I’m not really seeing it, like I did see with Sora no woto. I am not seeing it, like that show with the bad Chinese, because I literally did not see that.

I have absolutely nothing to say about Perfect Blue just as I have nothing to say about Katanagatari. Requires a rewatch.

The Break Blade movies are a lot of fun, especially since I’m unable to follow the manga anymore. Not physically, but mentally. I have no idea what it’s about anymore. That’s because it takes its time with events and has a monthly or bi-weekly release (or that’s what the scanlator makes me believe). The movies are long enough to take their time with an event and wrap it up nicely. I always felt that the action scenes should be animated. These movies do them justice.

Darker than Black OVAs? I hardly remember those. I have a fond memory of DtB and I don’t mind it that they don’t explain everything. Oh wait, that was the second season. No, these OVAs are more explanatory. And I believe a YinxHei shipping. I don’t remember Yin being so important in the first season. It’s all cool anyway.

The Patlabor 2 movie was absolutely stellar. It is intricate and meaningful and contemplative and political and I love all of that. My head would explode were I to try that. Actually, I just devoted a post of 464 words to my head exploding on this very day. The first movie was a lot sillier but I enjoyed it. It was necessary to familiarize myself with the characters since I haven’t seen any other work in the Patlabor franchise.

Durarara!! pales in comparison to its predecessor. I was completely uninterested by the end of it all. Still, it was not a bad series overall.

Bakemonogatari is what this blog thanks its banner for and that should tell you enough. But more specifically, Bakemonogatari and NisioisiN made me realize my love for words. I started to read more literature after watching Bakemonogatari. You could say that it is the seed that eventually sprouted this blog. And thus I want to eternalize it for the small fraction in time WordPress hosting will allow me.

The Tatami Galaxy is a great series, but it didn’t click to me and I know exactly why. I’m not a college student yet. I haven’t made a lot of life changing decisions yet. Up until now it has been a very steady and smooth stream and the act following the stream. Well, except for one thing. I have to give credit to this particular post for even making me realize it. There was an international exam that would score me a certificate with which I could enter several foreign universities. I didn’t take it. It was called the Oxford exam, and for a pretty good reason. Going by the examples my friends gave me, it was hard enough for me to make several mistakes in and I take some pride in my written English (not on this blog, this is mostly experimental and any mistakes you see are/is full of intent!). But I’m confident I would’ve passed the test. And I didn’t take it. I didn’t take it because I had my future pretty much set. The way our college system works is that you have to choose a direction from the get-go. You don’t major in CS, you study it and your entire college life and courses are centred around that study. I was going to study CS. Why did I need to go to Oxford for that? My technical oriented university a few train stations away is renowned worldwide.

Now I regret it somewhat. I’m still going to study CS. But I think I’ll let myself loose a bit more. I am fortunate to take this wisdom into my next step in life. I don’t have any results to show you yet and this is very presumptuous but I think that Celeste and the Tatami Galaxy may have genuinely changed my life. Thank you.

I think I’ll end this post on that note. I have a word or two to say about other series I’ve finished in 2010 but I feel I can’t after writing the final two paragraphs. I’m heading towards a gathering of friends that I consider family. And I wish you all the best for 2011.


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