Day 1: Nodame Cantabile, or rediscovering my Bach

My ultimate goal is to play a piano/violin concerto with myself... #sempersolus

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…
A piano concerto.

I was never really good at playing the piano. Throughout elementary and middle school I didn’t practise all that much. I never felt the urge to and my parents never forced me. There was no motivation to go on. By the time high school came along, I had already quit my lessons. I obviously wasn’t getting better and though I still played a bit, it didn’t amount to more than a warm-up, the occasional anime-related song or a request.

That’s when Bach came along.

Something sparked inside of me. I started playing a lot more. Not just Bach, even though he’s merely the greatest composer to have ever lived (fact!). Neat little side effect is that I started playing more jazz too, which had some other major life changing consequence.

Sometimes that spark just dies in a ditch. These ditches are deep, I can tell you. It’s not that I have ever stopped loving music, but the motivation to play and practise just vanishes into thin air.

Sometimes I just need something to dive into the ditch and revive my spark.

It's a bit hard to tell, but he's playing Bach's Piano Concerto No.1 in D minor, BWV1052

I like to think I know how Chiaki feels. He’s a pretty dark and gloomy guy. He’s a perfectionist and works towards goals. I don’t quite have his charisma, but we’re both awkward in several of our own ways.

He almost gave up on conducting before meeting Nodame, just as I had almost given up on playing before watching Nodame Cantabile. Now I handily use Nodame Cantabile as a source of inspiration, finding the joy of classical music. I started playing the violin last year (like Chiaki!) and it’s a tough instrument. An instrument so sensitive to mistakes it hurts a perfectionist like me. But then I watch an episode of Nodame Cantabile and my fingers begin to itch. They want to play. They want to dance on the instrument and they might not do so with the greatest precision but they dance.

Nodame Cantabile is my muse, my Bach, the series I watch when I’m feeling unproductive. It gives me the gift of inspiration. I can hardly ask for a better Christmas present.

8 thoughts on “Day 1: Nodame Cantabile, or rediscovering my Bach

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