Day 9: Madoka Magica

justice, ego, friendship, philanthropy, love

On the ninth day of Christmas my True Love gave to me…
Nine magical contracts
Eight battling servants
Seven captured goddesses
Six shelves of manga
Five normal weekdays
Four frog suits
Three French signboards
Two deceiving wolves
And a piano concerto.

 Preface: do you know the story of Christmas? Whether or not you believe it, I still think it’s a great story. Do you know the story of Madoka? Whether or not you got caught up and disappointed in the hype, I still think it’s a great story. It is currently the December 24th, Christmas eve. Including this post, I still have four posts to write. I’m also busy with family around Christmas, but I love it. I’m blessed with a great family and I realize it’s not the same for everyone.


Justice: the world is undoubtedly a big bad world, maybe not for you, but for every luxury you afford yourself there are probably tons of people suffering. It’s not a balanced world, inevitably, but our sense of justice, doing what is right, what we believe is right, our sense of justice still exists. Or so we’d like to think, but we’re humans, flawed, self-satisfaction or pretentiousness, passiveness and apathy. There’s no justice in humans. And it all started out with the longing for everyone to be treated fairly.


Ego: I’d like to think that I’m quite a dark person, in part because I’m perfectionist and I’m always afraid to leave things to other people. I don’t blame other people for not doing things to my standards, I get irritated but mostly at myself. I put all responsibilities on myself. If I share any I always make sure to double-check what the other person has done. If anything goes wrong, only I am to blame and that’s all I want. It’s a very selfish way of thinking.

But well, that’s how harsh I’m on myself but sometimes I just do the things nobody wants to do but have to be done. This is incredibly pretentious but I think I act like a nice guy. It’s not like I’m doing it for their sake or anything.

Sometimes I just want to run away from it all. I don’t care. Ah, but I can’t no more. I have too many things I care about.


Friendship: typically I have few friends that I hold very dear to me. With them I’m not afraid to fool around or do stupid stuff (I like doing stupid stuff) and I always have a great time. I’d walk ten-thousand miles for my friends. Enjoying the summer sun with a glass of beer or the winter heating under fluorescent office lights. Talk about video games, planning vacations, heavy political discussions during lunch. Enjoying some tea on a Saturday morning after a Friday night. But well, I’m sure you have your own version of this.


Philanthropy: or the act of loving humanity. What makes a human human? In either case, it takes an extraordinary person to love every human being. I don’t think I can do it, or rather, I know I can’t do it. I don’t hate anyone in particular. I used to, but after putting things into perspective I just realize there are stupid things from both sides. And so I’m not one who can do this. I’ll probably hate someone in the future. I am human after all.


Love: I don’t know what love is. There are many types of love, brotherly love, friendship,  romantic, passion. The way your loved ones change you, inspire, soothe, the warm feeling of love, the way you would go through endless self-sacrifice for just that bit of love. How you want to protect your loved ones, yourself, friends and strangers. I don’t know what love is, but this is it.


Merry Christmas.


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