50 questions

It seems like everyone and their imoutos are answering these 50 Questions. Well, I see no good reason not participate. I-It’s not like I was looking forward to answering these questions o-or anything.

1. Who is your favorite male anime character?

Negi from Mahou Sensei Negima. He’s just a kid, sure, but I like how he always manages to win because he outsmarts his opponents. At the same time, it’s not like he’s relying on petty tricks to do so. In general, I like darker characters that are a bit more serious.

2. Who is your favorite female character?

Although I am still smitten by Senjougahara fascination, my long love goes to Sakurazaki Setsuna, also from Negima. Her devotion, skill, coolness, and uncoolness. She is one half of my first and favourite yuri pairing. Also love her hairstyle. And swords. Swords make everything better.

3. What is your favorite anime soundtrack?

This one goes to Aria, one of the few anime soundtracks I still regularly listen to. The soundtrack alone can lift my spirits. It sets the atmosphere like no other. Just thinking about it makes me want to go to Venice and drink a caffè latte on San Marco square.

4. What is your favorite anime opening + animation?

Both Nichijou openings come to mind first. I skip most openings because… they’re usually boring! Though if I look at my list of anime, the series I like tend to have openings I like. Examples: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, ef, Bakemonogatari. Or maybe because I like the series, I have fonder memories of their openings?

5. What is your favorite anime ending song + animation?

Higurashi Kai’s ED, Taishou a. The incredible songstress Annabel combined with inazawa’s compositions make for that magical song. In a later album they created another version, Taishou a (adonde vuelvo), which I embedded below. It takes the original’s standard 3/4 meter and makes a 5/4 of it. Because why not. Incredibly hard to pull off, and successful all the way through.

6. What is your favorite anime scene?

The tough questions keep on coming. I think of the moment the projector turned on in Sola; the haircut scene in Full Metal Panic; “I love you” in Bakemonogatari; Chihaya’s song in iDOLM@STER. But my favourite scene is Miyamura Miyako desperately trying to contact Hiro. It was the scene that defeated any sliver of a doubt I might’ve had about ef.

7. If you could meet an anime character who would it be?

I don’t want to meet an anime character. Fiction should stay fiction.

8. What anime character is most similar to you in terms of personality?

I mentioned in the first question I like darker and more serious characters, and this is probably because I’m a rather dark and serious person myself. If I had to name a character, I’d pick Ayase Yue, again from Negima. Her darkness is not as apparent, but she’s definitely an over thinker. She’s lazy in subjects that don’t interest her, passionate in the ones that do.

9. What is your favorite thing about anime?

Cars and penguins.

But seriously, this is the toughest question on the list and I’m totally dodging it.

Cars and penguins, man.

10. What is your least favorite thing about anime?

Time constraints. I don’t like that TV anime are bound to 24-26 minute episodes and courses of 12 episodes. Now, you could argue that a good director is able to work around that. Certainly, good directors have. Even so I can’t let go of that feeling how much more amazing iDOLM@STER could’ve been with a couple more episodes.

11. Who are your favorite anime couple?

Konoka and Setsuna. Yeah.


12. Who is your favorite anime animal?

I don’t really care about the animals, but I’ll say Hamuzo because… yeah.

Wait, do Catians count?

13. What anime would make a good game?

I want a 2d Negima fighting game.

14. What game would make a good anime?

Lately I’ve only been playing competitive multiplayer games, which make for horrible anime. I do kinda want to see a Soul Calibur anime. The Soul Calibur plot is utterly ridiculous, which means it’d be perfect for anime.

15. What was the first anime you ever watched?

Naruto. That is excluding the ones I didn’t even know were anime (Pokemon, DBZ, CCSakura, Gundam Wing).

16. Do you think you’ll ever stop watching anime?

I’d be surprised, but then who knows what the future holds.

17. What is your favorite genre of anime?

Definitely drama or tragedy. There are no genres I absolutely despise, just some I find more boring than others.

Incidentally, my favourite anime is ef - a tale of memories.

18. What is your least favorite genre of anime?

Your standard shonen action anime. I tried watching an episode of Soul Eater the other day with a friend of mine to kill some time. Nearly fell asleep.

19. Are you open about watching anime with people you know?

I am open. Anime has come to a point where watching it is accepted by everyone in my environment. I don’t exactly tout it, but it’s not a secret.

20. Have you ever been to Japan?

No, but I have plans to go next year.

21. What anime was the biggest let down for you?

Clannad. Not because it was extremely bad, but because it could’ve been so much better.

22. What anime was better than expected?

iDOLM@STER. I went in expecting some cheap entertainment and I found touching characterization in the first half and one of the better dramas in the latter half. My favourite anime of 2011.

Much better than expected.

23. What is the best anime fight scene?

My favourites are the spear fights in Seirei no Moribito. There are only a few, but they’re all really good.

24. Who is your anime waifu?

Never had one I can call my “waifu.”

25. What was your favorite video game as a child?

My favourite is definitely Super Smash Brothers Melee. I’ve put countless hours into that game. Unfortunately there’s no Melee scene in Europe and I only play with my friends, most of whom are worse than me.

26. Most Embarrassing moment?

I don’t talk about my embarrassing moments… because they’re, you know, embarrassing.

恥ずかしいよ. o(><*)o!!

27a. Can you drive?

No, but I’m working on getting my license.

27b. Do you own a car?

Unfortunately, I’m a poor college student. My dream car would be a luxury car, like any Aston Martin model.

28. Are you mature?

I would like to stay a child forever.

29. What year were you born?

’93. That’s right, I am 118 years old.

When I was in my sixties, I still looked like this.

30. Do you prefer cats or dogs?

I used to prefer dogs, but lately I’ve been more into cats. They require a lot less maintenance and attention, but when you want to pet them they can be there for you. Overall I’ve never been an animal guy.

Except for Catians. I’d like to have a Catian.

31. Describe yourself physically.

Skinny asian dude. Not completely ugly.

32. What would you name your first child?

It’s not like I haven’t thought about it, but I haven’t settled on a name (or on a girl I’d have the kid with). I’d like to name him/her after a good friend.

33. What is the worst injury you have ever had?

Worst I had were bruises. Never broke anything. I dislike pain. I am S so I like to inflict pain muwahahahaha.

34. What is your worse habit?

I bite my nails.

35. Do you drink or smoke?

I do both irregularly and in moderation.

36. Do you have a tattoo?

Nope. I don’t have a particularly strong opinion on them either.

I don't have any relevant pictures so take this girl in a kimono sitting in a cherry blossom tree.

37. Are you a morning person or a night person?

Definitely a night person. I am most productive right before I go to sleep (and sometimes end up skipping sleep entirely).

38. Have you ever slept past midday

I did it today, actually. :V And I do it more often than I should.

39. Do you regret anything?

No. I’ve done things I’m ashamed of, but in the end it’s all part of life and it has helped me become what I am today.

40. Can you count the number of friends you have on one hand?

No. I might be an introvert, but I’m not anti-social. I enjoy time with my friends and I enjoy time alone.

41. Do you wear glasses?

I do! I also change my personality when I take them off.

Persona 4 is megane heaven.

42. Are you a picky eater?

I used to be very picky about my vegetables, but nowadays I eat just about everything. I have some foods I dislike, of course. But if I have to, I’ll eat anything.

43. Would you die for someone?

I’ll tell you the answer when it gets that far. Not something I can answer right now.

44. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Control over time, and control over space should lie in its extension.

45. Do you believe in the supernatural?

If they exist, they exist.

46. Would you rather be rich or famous?

Rich. I don’t like standing in the spotlight, I love manipulating working behind the scenes.

47. Have you ever committed a crime.

Does underage drinking count? Fare evasion? Pretty petty as far as crimes go.

By that I mean I’m totally badass.

48. Pirates or ninjas? Time Traveler or ghost?

Time travelling ninjas.

49. Does someone have a crush on you?

Not that I know of. But I kinda hope someone does.

50. Are you in a relationship?

Nope, and I don’t have anyone I currently like.


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