Shortly, on Nisemonogatari

Lately I’ve been thinking of Nisemonogatari. Lately being the past three months or so.

We’re going to compare Nise to Bake. Bake is much clearer in its structure, consequently it can be paced better. Content-wise, Bake is straightforward whereas Nise is about as roundabout as it gets. It likes taking detours. And you might say that it hurts Nise, as an anime.

If we were to rate (rating according to enjoyment) I’d say Bake 10/10 and Nise about 7/10. Sounds about right? You might disagree about the numbers, but the disparity between the two is more important.*

I rated Nise 10/10. It’s my favourite show this season and I derived a lot of enjoyment out of it.

Emphasis on the “I” and “derived.”

Why the emphasis? Simply, Nisemonogatari had a lot of discussion that was interesting to me. I don’t necessarily mean the content of the discussions, but the way the work Nise influenced these discussion. It truly is a 偽, deforming expectations; deceiving the viewer. Or perhaps, as Senjougahara-san so bluntly says 「―騙されるほうも悪いのよ」, it’s their fault for being deceived.

And it’s quite a sight to see. I’m squealing with pleasure.

* I’m totally lying. I’d rate it 10/10. The haircuts are just too good.

One thought on “Shortly, on Nisemonogatari

  1. I wasn’t sold on Nisemonogatari until the ending. I found the ending to be exactly what makes this franchise good. ACTUAL meaningful dialogue. Surprisingly simple yet effective characters. Non-black and white conflicts and thematic exploration. Nisemonogatari toyed and played around with us for 10 episodes, but secretly it was developing its payload to be released on the last episode. It deceived me for sure. Spectacular show.

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