I really do feel that the fate/zero anime is good despite ufotable’s greatest efforts, rather than because of. The action scenes are fluid and smooth, but the dialogue is compact and functional, rather than impactful. Call me biased, for I have read the novels. I truly feel that the anime does not add to the experience, which is the only requisite I ask of adaptations.

Kiritsugu’s dialogue with Irisviel (slash indirect monologue towards Arturia) is my most memorable scene from the novels. The power with which he tries to convince Irisviel of his convictions and his contempt for those who are called heroes, justified slaughterers. It radiates Kiritsugu. It’s his entire being. It was overwhelming.

It’s a bland, monotonous thing of reproduction, in its anime form.

It’s such a “perfect” reproduction, in fact, barely anything is missing. Dialogue intact, no details left out, even the pacing is matched with the amount of words at their respective passages. But this doesn’t cut it for me. I’m better off reading the damn novels.

Edit: I forgot I wrote nearly the same thing for the 12 days series. Whoops.


5 thoughts on “16/zero

  1. Fate/Zero is still my favorite anime this season, and I found that scene incredibly impactful and effective. Perhaps this bias is why I purposely avoid reading novels or manga…

    • Thanks for your comment. =)

      I do the opposite and seek out the original. Not to be a “the original was so much better” elitist, though sometimes it may pan out like that. I do want to see how much we can attribute to the original. I don’t hold any particular preference for animation as a medium over still drawings or words. I love all of them. ❤

      Of course, this does not mean I loathe adaptations. I did (sorta) call the fate/zero anime good at the beginning of this post! But I constantly question how much further an adaptation can take it. Preferably using the full strengths of that adaptation's medium. This is also a reason why I love studios like Shaft and KyoAni, that take it all a step further.

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