Let’s just get this over with. The one who started this all laid the rules down here. I won’t promise this won’t be an excuse to post pictures of Kotori.

First up are Reiseng’s questions:

1) How seriously do you take anime? Is anime something that you watch to learn or, do you just watch anime strictly for entertainment?

To quote my Latin teacher: “It’s never wrong to over-analyze.” Anime is still entertainment but entertainment can be found in many different areas. Learning is fun too! Analyzing is just a big part of what I do. If only I could write these things down on something like an online notebook I shared with others.

If only I could do it competently…

2) Do you prefer romances devoid of love triangles/love polygons/harems or do you want a little competition in your romance?

The best end is the harem end. Joking (?) aside, I love shipping shows even though when your ship sinks it’s like your heart sinks with it. It’s not like these are necessarily bad things. Half of my favourite anime, ef – a tale of memories, consists of a love triangle.

3) Do you believe that there are genuinely bad anime/manga out there, or is it all just a matter of taste?

A big subject, and one I probably can’t argue for very well. So I’ll keep it brief. Yes, I think there are genuinely bad anime/manga out there, just as there are genuinely good ones out there. At the same time, it’s perfectly fine to like bad stuff. I’m happy with expressing my liking for Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun, which I would hesitate recommending to my peers. Just because you like Mozart, that doesn’t make you a better person than a Bieber fan.

4) What does it take for a character to be good in your eyes?

They have to pander to all my wishes.

Hah, if only! That’s great too, but characters I think are good are the ones that fit in their story; have a functional role in that story; have good interaction and chemistry with other characters. A good recent example is Hyouka: the characters are somewhat stereotypical but they fulfill their roles and work well with each other. Almost every character in Hyouka is constructed that way.

5) Tell me one interesting thing about yourself.

I am “okay” in many languages (at least 6 last time I counted), but I actually hate learning them.

Next are Sumairii’s questions:

1) Which did you first get into: anime, manga, light novels, or visual novels? Or perhaps something else entirely?

I first got into anime through my friends who recommended me to watch Bleach and Naruto. I gave in after many months of nagging and a boring summer vacation and it went all downhill from there. Lately my Japanese has improved so I’ve been venturing more into light novels.

2) Have you ever been to an anime convention? What was the experience like?

I’ve been to a convention once. It was okay, I suppose. But I think of it more as a place to hang out with friends. The con events themselves are nice, but not much more than that. Also, Dutch cons don’t usually get distinguished guests.

I’ll consider attending Japan Expo.

3) Do you own any anime-related paraphernalia?

I own an Asakura Ryouko figure and small Sasaki Makie one. The latter was a bet and I was betting on Sakurazaki Setsuna. But this’ll do.

4) To what extent do you believe the animeblogosphere has a circle-jerk-y atmosphere?

See title. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Circle jerking is everywhere. The ABT was funny though.

5) I really don’t want to think of more questions, so this will be an easy one. Can you answer this question?


I don’t want to ask other people questions. Have a picture of Kotori.


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