Expectations of a genius

期待 きたい expectation; anticipation; hope
Common word, Noun, Suru verb SentencesKanji details

I would never say I’m smart, but if grades are any indication I have an aptitude for academic courses at the very least. I’ve had the pleasure of attending a good and rather elitist school for my secondary education. I go to a good university in which I perform as is expected of me. But the reason I would never say I’m smart is that I’ve met some really smart people.

I had a friend, who is best concisely described as the mad genius type. He would think in ways unique to me, act out the craziest scenes and knew how to enjoy life all the same. My friend has changed the way I look at math, art, music. I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. If you ask the people around him, they will echo what I just said.

Perhaps the most striking for others about these people is how nonchalant they are about this. They pull off the unimaginable like it’s nothing. To them it’s normal. But us bystanders, we can only look up and sometimes our neck will hurt from looking up all the time.

1: period; time;
2: (geological) age
Noun, Noun suffix SentencesKanji details
期す きす 1: to expect; to look forward to;
2: to set (a date, etc.);
3: to resolve; to pledge (to oneself); to vow
Godan verb with su ending, Intransitive verb SentencesKanji details

Fukube Satoshi, walking database and mystery fan, wants to stand on equal ground with Oreki Houtarou, Holmes incarnate. Tanabe Jirou, executive committee president and drawer, wants to see Kugayama Muneyoshi, drawing talent, use his skill to produce more works. Ayako Kouchi, both creator and fan of manga, would rather avert her eyes out of jealousy and frustration from Anjou Haruna, writer extraordinaire.

Hyouka has a tendency to stereotype its characters, but it’s all towards a goal. The show displays three variations on the same theme and has done something similar before in the movie arc (1,2,3). Interestingly, in that same movie arc the notion of the infallible Houtarou was struck down rather harshly. Break a man down before you lift him up? This show pulls no punches.

Equally interesting are these little lines the characters spout out (“Only to those who understand the difference.”). Tanabe Jirou also said: “Anjou-san is certainly gifted, but I didn’t know that Mune was that good. My pathetic scribbles can’t even compare.” In the end, however, we cannot help but compare ourselves precisely because we understand. Just good enough to see how bad we really are.

待ち まち waiting; waiting time
Common word, Noun, Noun suffix SentencesKanji details
待つ まつ 1: to wait;
2: to await; to look forward to; to anticipate;
3: (usu. in negative form) to depend on; to need
Common word, Godan verb with tu ending, Transitive verb, Intransitive verb SentencesKanji details

Fuyumi Irisu comments that she does not think a person needs to be aware of his or her talents (episode 11). I’m sure the three “victims” in the festival arc would beg to disagree. As for me, I certainly know that it hurts seeing them waste away their time. As for my friend, he’s happily wasting away his time. He’s still my friend.


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