Miso soup

Can you believe it’s been six years?

It feels good to say you’ve been following a series since chapter one and all the way to chapter 268 I’ve been in love with The World God Only Knows.  That’s not to say the series doesn’t have its faults. The last arc felt empty and purposeless. The last chapter leaves us a bit unsatisfied. The series that’s been brilliant so far leaves a sour taste in its final words.

What a familiar feeling.

Enough about the bad stuff, let’s talk good memories! My favourite girl (and de facto best girl) is Takahara Ayumi. Positive cheerful girls have often been my favourite and chapter 1 had me hooked. Favourite arc is probably Yui’s arc. I love how everything got turned around. Remember shogi girl? Wrestling teacher? Before the grand arcs there were a lot of fun stand-alone chapters and smaller conquests and a lot of them are worth rereading.

By the way, did you notice the (lack of) quality of the scans? Scanlation has come a long way since this series started. The older chapters look and feel very aged. Their style of translation is (or should be) taboo nowadays.

Things change over the course of 26 volumes and three anime seasons. As the series progressed, the author and/or the editors felt that the series needed to be grander and more ambitious to keep being serialized. That aspiration to heights also caused its demise, stretching the series thinner with each cliffhanger every week.

But I can’t fault ambition. So I will remember it fondly.


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