Secret Santa: One Week Friends

One Week Friends header imageI’m guessing One Week Friends was an easy series to recommend to me. If you follow my twitter, you’ll know I’m a big fan of shipping all sorts of characters. Initially I thought the series was charming, simple, I liked it. But the more I think about it, the less I want to.

The obvious story to compare One Week Friends to is Chihiro’s part in ef – a tale of memories. Both main female characters suffer from retrograde amnesia. That’s where the similarities end. In ef, things happen because its characters make decisions. In One Week Friends, things happen because of accidents or misunderstandings.

I’m sick of misunderstandings being the cause of all anime problems.

The tone in One Week Friends is much more important. It’s light, fluffy, and sets this atmosphere with its beautiful pastel colours. But its heavy subject, selective retrograde amnesia, stands perpendicular to the show’s fluffiness and loveliness. It feels out of place. An ingredient in a smoothie that doesn’t mix well. Which is weird for a show whose premise relies entirely on this gimmick. Try imagining the same show without the memory loss. It would be a show where teenagers slowly and awkwardly become friends. In other words: exactly the same show.

What remains is the cheek reddening, diabetes inducing, sweetness of the main couple. It’s called One Week Friends, but it’s just the first stage to being One Week Lovers. Hey, that sounds like an 18+ doujin title. Any takers? But its characters are too simple, not high school like at all, and at this point I find myself unable to care. The cuteness that Amamiya Sora breathes into Fujimiya Kaori is what keeps my spirits up. Even so it’s not enough to make me like the series. I’m sorry Santa. I too thought I would like this show. But the more I think about it, the less I want to.

(I’ll be sure check out the other recommendation I got: Gungrave)


3 thoughts on “Secret Santa: One Week Friends

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  2. I’m sorry you didn’t like One Week Friends—it wasn’t a favorite of mine, either, but after looking at your list, I thought it was worth a shot. Surprisingly, the misunderstandings didn’t annoy or embarrass me as much as they often do. But Gungrave… that’s the one I was hoping you’d watch. Gungrave holds the title of “My Top Favorite Anime,” and has held that title for a couple years now. Just don’t judge it until you’ve watched at least two episodes. The first one’s a little different. ^_^

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