two zero one four

2014 was another eventful year, on a personal level and from a hobby perspective. The year where MH17 took lives too close to me. The year where The Netherlands fell short in the World Cup, but dominated in Olympic Ice Skating. The year where I had to say goodbye to my grandpa, and hello to my nephew and niece. I will write some things on my personal matters later. For this post, I will only regard the fun stuff.

As the years progress, I keep watching less and less anime. Less than 20 series total this entire year. I feel like the number is at a good place and should neither increase nor decrease much. Of those ~20 series, about 12 aired this year. My APR ballot looks as follows:

  1. Amagi Brilliant Park
  2. Barakamon
  3. No Game No Life
  4. Kill la Kill
  5. Nozaki-kun
  6. Love Live s2
  7. Encouragement of Climb s2
  8. Space Brothers

The remaining 4 shows are One Week Friends, Rail Wars, sabagebu, and SAO II. I didn’t like these shows enough to put on the list. Love Live scores low, given how much I enjoy the franchise, but it’s about right for just the TV show. Shows ineligible because they’re still running are Cross Ange, shirobako and Fate/Stay Night UBW. I enjoy these a lot. If they were eligible, they would’ve ranked in the top 5 at least.

Also missing on the list are movies. The Idolmaster movie had much of the same as the TV series and I loved it for that. Tamako Love Story played it safe with a vanilla plot. If movies were eligible, I’d place the imas movie at #1 and tamaket at #4. Two 2014 movies I have yet to watch are The Wind Rises and Patema Inverted. A job for 2015.

Not much has changed in the realm of manga. I’ve picked up a few manwha this year (“Cherry Boy, That Girl”, Gaussian Blur). Manwha never had the same attraction to me as manga. For instance, I never got into Tower of God. Maybe that has changed a bit in 2014.

Hirunaka no Ryuusei ended in 2014. No matter what conclusion, ending that series took determination. I’m sad to see it end (and to see my ship sink), but looking forward to what Yamamori Mika will bring next.

My big pickup of 2014 is Shigatsu wa kimi no uso. The anime is currently airing and it seems to be popular in my circles. Having played both classical piano and violin, this manga speaks a lot to me.

As for video games, I’m still playing too much DotA 2. The circle of friends I play with has expanded a bit, so I’m happy about that. I went to The International again this year. The Key Arena was a great venue, but I do miss the cozyness and quality of Benaroya  Hall. I don’t think I will be going again, because there are other events I’d like to visit too (EVO? Anime Expo?). I played less other competitive games. I still love to watch, but playing is frustrating. I want to get better, but it’s hard to divvy up my time as it is. Most of it goes to DotA.

I’ve built up a gaming backlog, something I’ve managed to avoid so far. Currently grinding through FFXIII. It barely qualifies as a game, but it does please that OCD part of me. I’ve already purchased the 2nd part on Steam and am waiting anxiously for the third part. Other games on the backlog are Far Cry 3 and 4, all parts of Bioshock, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. The Bioshock series was a long time coming, but I’m bad with thriller games (I’m a big wus). I hope to find more courage in 2015. I picked up Far Cry 3 in a Steam sale. After I finished these, I’ll pick up Far Cry 4 and DA:I in hopes that I can get them cheap. I really want to play more Dragon Age, but I’ll restrain myself for now.

For 2015, there are three things I hope to do: 1. play the saxophone, 2. play the guitar and 3. visit the UK. I’ve already acquired a sax and a guitar. As for the UK, it seems like a lot of friends are there at the moment, so I feel like visiting. If you’re in the neighbourhood, get in touch with me.


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